Mike (element71) wrote,

So I'm waiting for Brandon to take a shit in Old Quebec Street.. Sitting on a bench near the parkade.. When I look over and see the old lady walking slowly (like an old lady) towards me.. When she arrives.. She takes the seat next to me and there's a few moments of silence when all of the sudden, "Wow, that's a really good deal. They've got paper towels and kleenex on sale for 69 cents." So I tell her, "Wow, that's a pretty good deal." And there's something funny about this old lady.. Something I can't quite put my finger on.. And she goes on about the great sale and how long it's on for and how she's coming back on Wednesday to get more because it's such a great deal.. And then there's a few more moments of silence..

What happens next? I look over.. And she's pulling out an empty 26er of Whiskey.. And holding it over the garbage can saying, "I'll just leave this here..." Dropping it in the garbage can. At this point I realize that this old woman is trashed.. I had thought her eyes looked peculiar.. BUT! What does this sweet old drunkun' lady do next? She proceeds to pick up an LCBO bag with a full 26er inside and puts it in place of the empty one say, "And I'll just put this here."

So by the time Brandon gets back I'm on the verge of dying.. I seriously cannot hold in my laughter.. So we leave and I say goodbye to the woman and she gives back this old drunkun' lady smile.. She was so sweet.. I should have asked her to be my grandma.. But yeah..
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