Mike (element71) wrote,

So I'm finally done highschool...

Kind of.. I still need fourty hours of community service.. I don't think they're going to get done anytime soon though..

Also.. My computer is in a comatose state right now.. Something happened to it.. I can still use my brother's computer though.. But yeah... Whatever..

On Wednesday we went to Paul's to celebrate Danielle's 19th birthday.. Nik and I each drank a fourty.. And proceeded to skateboard downtown from Paul's.. And I decided it would be swell if I gained a lot of speed and then crouch down a hill...

Well.. I got the speed wobble and just fell.. I hit the ground hard on my lower hip and proceeded to skid on my upper hip and elbow for a few feet down the hill.. I also have a bump on my head.. So I may have also landed on my head..

But yes.. I got some nice road rash out of it..
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