Mike (element71) wrote,

Today Adrian cut my hair again.. And when he was finished he declared he was going to shave an M in the back of my head.. He said it would be small.. So I agreed.. And instead he made a lightning bolt.. Which was larger than he said.. But I'm pleased with the outcome..

Then we went to the mall.. I got a new wallet.. It's nice.. It has this.... Hole in it.. Around the top.. I guess it's to put some sort of chain on it.. It's not a big hole though.. It's like.. One of the holes you'd find in a baseball cap.. Around the top of each triangle thing..

Then we went and saw "Be Cool"..... At 3star.. For free.. It was a really dumb movie.. The only good thing about it was that the Rock played the part of a homosexual..

We then went out "midnight bowling".... The guy called our lane number and was like.. If you get a strike.. You win a prize.. So I got a strike.. And I won a stupid pink bunny.. So I'm going to tell Kim I won it for her.. I think she'll like it..

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Deleted comment

that's wicked cool mikey.

you called me last night.

but i was out.

preparing for my show.


oh pink bunnies... could i steal it from kim?
I'd give it to you if Kim hadn't been so very glad that I gave it to her..